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Hi, my name is Kazi, and I am 36 years old from Bangladesh. I worked as a babysitter in a daycare center in my home country, where I looked after kids aged 4-6 years old, with a maximum of 4 kids a day. After my contract ended, I worked for Mother Care Services as a babysitter again in my home country for 2 years. During this time, I took care of mothers who had just given birth and their newborn babies.

Because my husband is here, I decided to come to Dubai as well to work. I am still new here in Dubai on a visit visa, and I am hoping to find a family who will accept me and give me a chance. My duties as a babysitter include supervising children, communicating effectively with parents, ensuring the safety of all kids, preparing snacks and meals, resolving conflicts between children, keeping records, organizing daily activities, and communicating information to children through play. Additionally, I assist in putting children to sleep, help with toilet training, feed and change babies, provide nutritious meals and snacks to kids, record accidents and illnesses, uphold health and safety standards, and assist mothers with their daily living after birth.

Currently holding my OWN/PARTNER visa, I am seeking a new job. My preference is for a live-out nanny/maid position in Dubai, with either weekends or weekdays off.. I am looking for a salary of 2500 AED, along with regular benefits. I am available for interviews at any time.

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