Floriza Baradero

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About me

Hello, I am Floriza, and I am 36 years old from the Philippines. I worked in Kuwait as a maid and elder caregiver for 3 years. After my contract ended, I worked as a cook, maid, and nanny for a local family who had kids aged 5, 3 years old, and a newborn baby. After that, I worked for a French family as a driver, nanny, and maid; they had kids aged 7 and 5 years old. Lastly, I worked as a maid and nanny for a British family with kids aged 3 years old and a newborn baby. I can cook Arabic, Asian, and follow recipes. I am good at swimming and have had first aid training.

•My duty as a driver, maid, and nanny combined is getting people from A to B. Your responsibility will be to do this as efficiently and safely as possible, following rules diligently.
•Take care and manage the car that was entrusted to you.
•Nanny duties include:
•Making sure that the children under my care are always safe.
•Preparing healthy meals for them.
•Changing nappies, clothes, and bathing them.
•Scheduling their nap times and sleeping time.
•Playing indoors or outdoors depending on the weather outside.
•Maid duties include:
•Thoroughly cleaning the house by mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and deodorizing.
•Handling laundry, ironing, and garbage disposal.

Currently, I am seeking a new job while holding a CANCELLED visa. I prefer a live in position, maid/nanny duties in Dubai or any nearby cities, with either weekends or weekdays off. I am looking for a salary of 3800 AED, and I am open to employers willing to provide a working visa and regular benefits. I am available for interviews at any time.

Reference from Previous Employer