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Hello, my name is Baby-Janine and I am 35 years old from the Philippines. I worked as a nanny and maid in Saudi Arabia for 2 years, where I took care of children aged 10 and 8 years old and assisted with the older ones. After my contract ended, I moved to the UAE to work. I found a local family where I worked for 4 years as a nanny and maid for their children aged 12 and 6 years old. I focused more on the youngest child since he was suffering from pediatric diabetes, and I was responsible for giving him insulin every day.

My duties and responsibilities as a nanny included taking care of the children, preparing them for school, giving them baths, and helping them with their school assignments. I also changed diapers and clothes, groomed them, took them to parks to mingle with other kids, and prepared healthy meals. I can cook basic meals by following recipes. For the child with pediatric diabetes, special attention was given to her, including testing her blood and administering medicine, checking blood sugar levels often, following the healthy meal plan advised by the doctor, promoting exercise and movement, and accompanying her to regular checkups.

Additionally, I performed household chores such as vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing, mopping, laundry, ironing clothes, changing bed linens and curtains, and deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom/restroom. I am comfortable with pets.

Currently, I am seeking a live-in position in Abu Dhabi, holding a TOURIST visa. My preference is for a nanny/maid role, with either weekends or weekdays off. I am looking for a salary of 2500 AED and hope to find an employer willing to provide a working visa and regular benefits. While on a tourist visa, I am available for interviews at any time.

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