Anita Tamang

AED2500 / month

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About me

Hi, my name is Anita, and I am 31 years old from Nepal. I worked as a nanny and maid in India for 9 years in just one household, where I took care of their 4-year-old child back then. He turned 13 years old when I left. But throughout those 9 years working there, they decided to add 2 more children, so I took care of them since newborn. They had 2 pet dogs and 2 cats. But because the salary is not enough to sustain my family, I have decided to go to Dubai and look for opportunities and a good family to work with.

My duty as a maid is to clean the house every day, vacuum and mop, polish and dust furniture, scrub and sanitize the bathrooms/restrooms, change linens and curtains, clean windows, do laundry and ironing, cook Indian food for the family, make grocery lists, and handle garbage disposal. But I only do this after catering to the needs of the children, for they always come first. Upon waking up in the morning, I feed them healthy foods, bathe them, dress and groom them. We play and go for walks at the parks and play with kids their age. I teach them good manners and schedule their nap times. I also help the older child with homework when needed. I put them to sleep and take full responsibility when the parents are at work. I can cook and follow recipes, and I am comfortable with pets since the family has pets at home. Although English is not my forte but I can understand and can communicate at least.

Currently, I am seeking a live-in position in anywhere UAE, holding a TOURIST visa. My preference is for a maid/nanny role, with weekends off on either Saturday or Sunday. I am looking for a salary of 2500 AED and hope to find an employer willing to provide a working visa and regular benefits. While on a tourist visa, I am available for interviews at any time.

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