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About me

My name is Bih Miranda. I'm from Cameroon. I'm 29 years old. I am a graduate with a Bachelor of Education. Prior to coming here, I worked for 4 years in my home country as a high school teacher, where I taught 50 students per class each day. Seeking greener pastures, I moved to Abu Dhabi and worked for a European family as a nanny and maid for their 2 kids, aged 1 and 3 years old.

I am a self-dedicated and trustworthy nanny, and I am also a mother of two. I speak both English and French.

As a nanny, I:

•Bathe, groom, and dress the children
•Prepare them for nursery school
•Send and fetch them from school
•Schedule their nap times and sleeping times
•Prepare light and healthy meals for them
•Prepare their snack boxes
•Take them to relaxation/park or play areas
•I can also do general house chores for the entire family, including:

•Laundry and ironing
•Grocery listing and shopping
•Garbage disposal

Additionally, I can cook African dishes and other cuisines by following recipes.

Currently holding my OWN/PARTNER visa, I am seeking a new job. My preference is for a live-out nanny/maid position in Abu Dhabi, with either weekends or weekdays off.. I am looking for a salary of 3000 AED, along with regular benefits. I am available for interviews at any time.

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