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Hi, my name is Joyce, and I am 31 years old from Uganda. I worked as a nanny and maid for a British family, taking care of their kids aged 8, 6, and 2 years old. After my contract ended, I worked for a French family as a part-time night nanny for their 1-year-old child and for a Chinese family as a part-time maid. I also worked for a local family as a maid for 3 years.

My responsibilities as a nanny were to ensure that the kids I cared for were safe and comfortable at all times. We went to play areas and played with kids their age. I organized playdates and recreational activities suitable for their age. I fed them nutritious foods, bathed them, dressed and groomed them, taught them English and good manners, and put them to sleep with lullabies and stories. I took full responsibility whenever the parents were at work or away.

I am okay with pets, and I can cook and follow recipes. My duties as a maid and on-call cleaner included thoroughly cleaning the whole house every day. This involved vacuuming, mopping, dusting, shampooing, changing linens, cleaning windows, garbage disposal, laundry, ironing, and grocery listing.

Currently holding my OWN/PARTNER visa, I am seeking a new job. My preference is for a live-out nanny/maid position in Dubai, with either weekends or weekdays off.. I am looking for a salary of 3000 AED, along with regular benefits. I am available for interviews at any time.

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