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AED4000 / month

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Hi, my name is Evelyn and I am 50 years old from the Philippines. I worked in Kuwait for 2 years as a cook and baker. After my contract ended there, I went to Dubai to work with a local family as a nanny. When I first came there, there was only one child at that time, and she was 7 months old. They later decided to have another baby, so I took care of their newborn. They then decided to have one more child, and once again, I took care of their newborn. I worked there for 6 years and finally decided to change employers for a new experience. I found a British-Pakistani family and took care of their 5-month-old child.

My job as a cook was to prepare the necessary ingredients, wash them thoroughly, cook, and serve hot, presentable, and delicious meals. I also helped with washing the dishes, especially the ones I used for cooking. As a maid, my responsibility was to ensure the house was clean and tidy at all times. This included vacuuming the floor, dusting and arranging furniture, mopping and sanitizing the floor, cleaning windows, changing linens and curtains, washing, drying, ironing, and folding laundry. I also made sure the stocks in the kitchen were up to date and threw away any spoiled items, took care of garbage disposal, and helped with grocery listing and shopping.

As a nanny, I made sure the children were safe and comfortable under my care. This involved changing diapers, dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding healthy meals/formulas, burping after feeding, putting them to sleep, taking them to parks for fresh air and sunlight exposure for Vitamin D, and updating parents about the growth and development of their kids. I can cook anything; just give me the recipe, and I can cook it. I can also bake. Additionally, I am comfortable with pets since I am a pet lover myself.

Currently holding my OWN/PARTNER visa, I am seeking a new job. My preference is for a live-in nanny position in Dubai, with either Saturdays or Sundays off. I am looking for a salary of 4000 AED, along with regular benefits. I am available for interviews at any time.

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